Xavier, I just wanted to send you a note to say “Thanks”, thanks to you and JJC Services for the recent work you performed for us. The “Orion System” you installed in my Langston Press, not only does it perform much better than the old metering system you replaced. Your system has even increased production time and decreased ink waste for us. Having shopped the industry for a replacement system, I feel I certainly got a great deal having your state of the art system installed. It also easily integrated with my existing press. My staff enjoyed working with you, and your professionalism and industry knowledge came through in the staff training you provided. Again, thanks.

​Dick Sarasin 

Company Engineer

Carolina Container    

JJC Services skilled team uses advanced tools and facilities to accomplish quality manufacturing of our systems and parts. All our systems and its parts are built in-house to achieve the highest degree of dependability. Precision machining of critical parts optimizes performance and machine component life. Our many years of industry experience, research and development, as well as our ongoing improvements, have given our system a reputation for being one that is fast becoming the most affordable and reliable in the industry. 


We take responsibility in the work we do and the way our employees conduct themselves.


We strive to create respect for our employees and our customers in order to create everlasting friendships.

Wiper Blade Conversions & products


We foster innovative thinkers that who are key proponents in the success of our company.

About Us

JJC Services was founded in 2001 by our current President, Xavier Conde. In the last decade a lot has changed - technology, governments, world economies, the materials we use in our daily lives. But, one thing remains unchanged - our dedication to providing the best service to our customers. We strive to uphold our promises and guarantees. More and more, that means relying on brilliant engineers and hardworking technicians working in tandem.

JJC Services is an international machinery service company, catering to the corrugated box converting industry. Headquartered in Medley, Florida, USA, we specialize in offering the single reverse wiper blade system and many other services to support your printing equipment. Our highly educated and industry trained team is available 24 hours a day to satisfy any emergency and/or spare parts and service needs.


The mission of JJC Services LLC is to provide its customers with quality solutions at a competitive price, while maintaining a diverse and productive work environment.



We strive to be honest and straightforward with everyone we do business with.


JJC Services innovative product engineering, research and development, and years of industry experience, provides innovative mechanical designs that demonstrate both knowledge and creativity.

Our team works on evolving technology to develop state-of-the-art printing systems and parts. JJC Services upgrades for OEM printing presses have enabled our customers to dramatically reduce machinery down time. Our systems help decrease waste of ink and water, as well as improve printing and product quality.